Regulations degree programmes AS

The regulations handle all possible issues concerning education and examinations. In it all rights and obligations of both students and teachers are explained in detail, so in a case of a conflict the regulations can give a base for a verdict.

The regulations are determined by:

Bachelor-before-Master rule

The Bachelor-before-Master rule has come into effect per 1 September 2010. Please take notice of the effects of the Bachelor-before-Master rule for you and the arrangements you have to make. Read more about the Bachelor-before-Master rule at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. If you, after reading the information about the Bachelor-before-Master rule as implemented at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, still have questions, please contact your academic counsellor.

Fraud and Plagiarism

Do not be tempted to stretch the rules: read more about Fraud & Plagiarism.

Regulations bachelor's degree programmes

Regulations master's degree programmes