ROTEC Manado North Sulawesi Indonesia

Project ROTEC is a TU Delft Multidisciplinary team who conducted a research in Manado, capital of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, for a time span of two months. The main goal of the study is to investigate how cold deep seawater could contribute to the sustainable future of Manado. The cold deep seawater can be used for multiple purposes: with the temperature difference in the ocean (cold deep sea water and hot surface water) energy and drinking water from seawater can be produced. Additionally, the cold deep seawater can be used to cool buildings.

In order to propose a solution, two important things had to be investigated; 1) the needs of the project location (Manado City and Bunaken Island) and 2) the accessibility of cold deep seawater. The most important conclusions were: Manado deals with power blank-outs due to high peak demands on the grid and the island has a large shortage of electricity and fresh water. Measurements showed that Manado, due its tectonics, is a unique location with respect to cold deep seawater accessibility. By combining the needs and the environmental conditions, two different solutions for Manado and Bunaken were developed and analysed, with respect to financial and technical feasibility. Since we believe that a visualization explains more than a thousand words, we want to invite you to take look at the video of the Manado masterplan. If you want to see more you can visit our YouTube channel

Concept - Manado