Sakumono Lagoon Ghana

Project Sakumono Lagoon is a student project, looking into the possibilities of increasing the environmental and aesthetic value of the Sakumono Lagoon.
With a group of four MSc students, we will be staying in Accra for eight weeks to do a multidisciplinary project as a part of our MSc studies. We all have a Civil Engineering background, but are each specialising in different masters of water management, hydraulic engineering and structural engineering.

After the road from Accra to Tema was constructed in 1953, the exchange of water to and from the Sakumono Lagoon was greatly diminished. As a result, the water in the lagoon is now anoxic which is a strong indicator of poor water quality.

With the expansion of the Tema port, the road that has been constructed over the mouth of the lagoon will have to be expanded to comply with infrastructural demands. This is an excellent opportunity to take a look into the possibilities of redesigning the mouth of the lagoon, possibly enhancing the water quality and increasing its functional value and aesthetics. Our goal is for this possibility to be taken into account when the need arises to expand the Accra-Tema Road.

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