Resilient and adaptive Urban deltas

Urbanized delta landscapes are among the most challenging urban regions in the world considering their vulnerability to flooding, rapid urbanization, land subsidence, salinization and, increasingly, changing environmental conditions as a result of climate change. Addressing the complexity of urban deltas needs integrated solutions and transformative approaches that create new opportunities for improving the quality of life for all. 

Our mission is to educate people, deliver knowledge and create innovative solutions to adapt and transform urban deltas to changing conditions while improving the quality of life for all. We combine hydraulic & coastal engineering science, water resource management with adaptive delta planning, and delta urbanism.

Our approach is multidisciplinary, design based and collaborative!

Climate change, economic growth and urbanisation are presenting the world with some significant challenges. TU Delft works on creating an attractive and safe living environment for inhabitants of Delta areas in the Netherlands and abroad, combining quality of life in urban areas with economic development, safety and nature. 


BE SAFE project


Ghana Volta Delta project