Power & Heat Generation Lab

Research Themes: Energy, Chemistry, bio, & process technology

Summary of the project

At the Heat & Power lab the research is focused on innovative energy conversion systems for a emission free society. Energy can be converted in many sorts of ways; for instance it can be converted from chemical energy to power or heat, but also from green electricity to synthetic fuels. To do this as efficiently as possible, we work on novel conversion systems, such as supercritical CO2 power cycles for recovering industrial waste heat or for converting solar energy, gas turbine systems operating with zero emission fuels, innovative heat pumps to upgrade heat to higher temperatures, and fuel cell systems to convert electricity into synthetic fuels and industrial base chemicals. The key to enable these systems is to perform cutting-edge analytical, numerical and experimental research, ranging from extremely efficiency high-performance simulation tools to lab scale experiments with state-of-the-art laser diagnostic.

What's next?

Develop fundamental knowledge and demonstrate novel concepts to design next generation heat and power systems for enabling a emission free society. 

Contribution to the Energy transition?

The components that are being developed at the Heat & Power lab not only enhance the effectiveness of the process for which they are being developed. They also increase the efficiency of the process with the given context in mind. 

Prof. Sikke Klein

Ass. Prof. Jurriaan Peters

Ass. Prof. Rene Pecnik

Faculties involved

  • 3ME

Additional information

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