Smart Industry Fieldlab for Advanced Cognitive Robotics Applications

Text: Jurjen Slump


RoboHouse is RoboValley’s fieldlab where manufacturing companies and innovative organisations can discover the possibilities cognitive robotics offer, develop their own applications and test them in an industrial setting.

The rapid developments in robotics will have a major impact on many sectors. A few organisations already make use of advanced robots, which apply artificial intelligence, are self-learning and can work autonomously. Machines that interact with their surroundings and can collaborate with people.

These cognitive robotics enable many new applications. Think of robots that can identify and process a variety of unknown objects and that can be deployed for order picking tasks in warehouses. Another example are inspection robots for remote and dangerous areas or production processes where humans and robots work together to solve complex tasks.

Most manufacturing companies are aware of the existence of these intelligent technologies and would like to gain practical experience with them. RoboHouse is the place where they can, in a practical way, learn to understand the potential – and limitations – of these robotics systems. A test facility to work on their own applications and a place to train their employees to collaborate with robots.

RoboHouse is an initiative of RoboValley, Festo, ABB, Exact, InnovationQuarter, TNO, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology. It will open its doors in 2018. Based on the campus of Delft University of Technology, RoboHouse offers direct access to the research of TU Delft Robotics Institute and hardware of industrial partners, such as ABB and Festo.


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