The Green Village

Accelerating innovation for a sustainable future

Text: Jurjen Slump


The Green Village is a living lab for sustainable innovations in home, work and living environments. Located at the centre of the TU Delft campus, this test site offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and researchers to develop, test and demonstrate their experimental projects in close collaboration with government bodies and the public.


The Green Village was set up because TU Delft needed a more effective manner of testing and validating ideas, projects and research originating from faculty research labs. A special feature of this spatial platform is that it is a ‘rule-free’ zone. This means that various types of rules as well as the Buildings Decree (Bouwbesluit) are, so to speak,‘switched off’ here, thus creating more opportunities for testing innovations. This practical approach will enable parties to validate their innovation and work, scaling them up from idea to practice. The special thing about The Green Village is that it is truly a ‘living lab’ because there are people who actually work and live here. The Green Village currently has five official residents who, along with the people working there, take part in various experiments.

Collaboration and co-creation 

Besides the physical and data platform, The Green Village also offers a platform as a collaboration network. Various parties are involved in the collaborative efforts around The Green Village, including the central government, Province of South Holland, Delfland Water Authority, Municipality of Delft, NEN and other market parties. Through the Green Deal The Green Village, these parties help to identify bottlenecks that stand in the way of more structural solutions. Here, integrated efforts are being made to develop innovations based on four perspectives, i.e. Technology & Systems, Business Model, Societal Embracement and Legislation & Regulation.

This is how things work in practice! It may be unplanned, but it provides valuable information for testing, demonstrating and validating

ROBERT VAN LEEUWEN, Project Manager, Energy

Even coincidences, such as a lorry happening to be driving past, proved to be a good test for one of the WaterStraat projects

SERGE SANTOO, Manager, Marketing & Co-creation


At The Green Village, you will find a clustering of projects. These projects focus on circularity, water, energy, buildings, intelligent outdoor spaces, and smart mobility. The Green Village team assists parties, providing support during the preparation, implementation and testing phases of their innovation projects in the field. These innovation parties are very diverse, ranging from researchers from different knowledge institutions such as TU Delft, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and The Hague University of Applied Sciences, to start-ups and corporates.
A number of projects carried out at The Green Village are also highlighted within Home of Innovation, such as the Researchlab Automated Driving Delft  and 'De WaterStraat '.


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