Innovation and Impact Students

The i! Delft student team aims to build the ultimate bridge between the TU Delft master students and major companies. This bridge will provide businesses with young and innovative ideas while students gain the practical work experience required to thrive in their future career.

The Corporate Innovation team of the TU Delft partners with ambitious companies that aspire to be leading in innovation, and recognize the benefit of collaborating within an ecosystem that is filled with a variety of academics, professionals as well as students.

Challenges arise out of the obstacles our partners have been battling repeatedly or the new and exciting opportunities they have discovered. When young, open-minded, bright-eyed and proactive students collaborate in interdisciplinary teams they are the perfect candidates to tackle these challenges from a new/fresh perspective in order to help conceptualize the company’s ideas.

Are you done with solely focusing on theoretical knowledge in class? Do you sometimes wonder, when am I going to start changing the world and contribute to society? Are you ready to put yourself out there and show companies what you are capable of?

Then i! Delft Students is for you!

How does it work?

When you sign up you join our community. By answering a few questions in our easy application form we will start to get to know you and your interests. After signing up we will make sure you will receive vacancies for company challenges that are relevant to you!

You will soon be able to apply for all challenges that interest you. Each company challenges lasts anywhere between 1 to 6 months. The work will often be approximately 8 to 12 hours a week, flexible, and compensated.

Additionally, we offer many extras such as guest lectures and training provided by our partners (e.g. pitch training, team building workshops, project management training, etc.)

In summary we offer you the opportunity to:

  • join a community filled with motivated TU Delft master students
  • exchange knowledge with peers from different faculties in an interdisciplinary environment
  • explore new ideas while working towards new innovations
  • expand your horizon by building connections with professionals in your field
  • experience working on a real-life project
  • benefit from many extras such as; networking events, interview training, and a variety of additional relevant and exciting workshops!

Upcoming challenges and events

An overview of challenges and events will be posted here.

Past challenges - cases

To decrease the amount of time needed to design a building, or for example a bridge, Computer Generated Designs are an option. Instead of letting a human engineer design all aspects of a construction, Computer Generated Designs allows a computer to generate and optimize the design within the constraints defined by an engineer. The objective of this method is to produce better and more unique designs that are optimized within the given envelope, while being generated within a much shorter time frame.

VolkerWessels, a construction company, asked us to form a student team with X!Delft master students with different backgrounds to do research on this new technology. The student team that participated in the VolkerWessels Generative Design challenge has finished. They researched the current state-of-the-art in Generative Design and what this new technology can mean for VolkerWessels.

We asked Hector, one of the members of the student team, about how his experiences were during his participation in the project. ”Working with X!Delft was a great opportunity to apply my knowledge from university into the industry and learn how companies in the Netherlands work. I would certainly advise other master students to take the opportunity to do this type of challenges!

With the help of avatars, it is possible for operators to remotely carry out physical actions by means of “telepresence”, whereby the operator is (to a certain extent) created the illusion that he himself is present on the spot and performs actions. This offers advantages in situations where, for security reasons, it is not desirable for people to be physically on location, but also if certain knowledge and skills are required in the short term and they are not available in the immediate vicinity, but quickly via telepresence. An example of when this technology is used is when surgeons perform minimally invasive operations using the Davinci surgery robot, whether they are standing next to the patient or thousands of kilometres away. Another example is the use of remote-controlled military drones.

The Ministry of Infrastructure & Water is also interested in avatars. It is becoming increasingly busier on the Dutch roads, and new technologies are increasingly being looked at to help ensure the flow of traffic on our road network in a safe, reliable, effective and cost-efficient manner. In addition to the many other applications, avatars could also play an important role in this area in the future. In order to better understand the state of affairs in the field of avatars, but also where the possibilities for using avatars lie, where the benefits lie and how large they are, the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management has asked X!Delft to set up a student team that can make an initial exploration of avatars. The student team worked on this project from december 2018 – april 2019.

As a student, your pension is probably the last thing you want to think about. However, how we live at the age of 70 could be influenced by the decisions we make today.

Aegon, a multinational life insurance, pensions and asset management company, is convinced we should. Therefore, Aegon wonders how they can trigger people to start thinking about their pension at an earlier age already. To answer this question, Aegon organized a design sprint in collaboration with X!Delft students. The aim of the sprint is to design a “nudge” that increases awareness for pensions among young people. The design sprint was an inspiring day, where both the students and AEGON learned a lot. From november 2019, the winning ideas will be further developed by X!Delft student teams.

Serious Pension Game

To ensure an income after retirement, people save up money for their pension during their working years. However, people only become interested in pensions as they grow older, as the perception is that this supposedly only becomes relevant close to retirement. The problem of this low interest for one’s pension at an early age, is that the impact on income is high once an employee is retired, whereas the opportunity to take appropriate measures decreases later on in their working life.

X!Delft partner AEGON, who is an active player in the pension market wants get people interested in thinking about pensions, especially the younger generations. Together we are organising a second challenge. Based on the results from our previous AEGON student challenge where students came up with various options on how to engage youngsters early one this challenge is aimed at designing a serious game to interest youngsters to start thinking about their pension.


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