FRAIM is a transdisciplinary research centre where robot developments and the study of social processes can occur simultaneously. Our main goal: to shape the future of work.

Embracing the vibrancy of working life is at heart of our vision. Cognitive technology must learn to complement and enhance humans, in all their diversity and complexity. So FRAIM creates working labs: safe-to-fail physical spaces where new ways of working can emerge and their impact on productivity and wellbeing assessed. Our dream is to combine research, innovation and training in a new landmark building on TU Delft Campus. 

FRAIM's objectives

  • Make work healthy and empowering
  • Provide the technology that improves physical work processes
  • Build international influence with our vision for symbiotic robotics

Where humans and robots work together

As robots and intelligent systems are starting to leave their closely controlled environments and enter the world of working people, there is a real risk that the entire workplace will become more machine-like. This is not unlikely, given how machines struggle with adapting to the variety and liveliness of the world. But at our centre we believe in forging a different outcome, through practical solutions for people at work.

Improve productivity and wellbeing with FRAIM

Want to shape the future of work? Do you bring something different and fresh to the table? Get involved. With a culture that pursues diversity and surprise, we strive to collaborate with the full spectrum of scientists, workers, companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Get involved and contact us

Whether you would like some more information about possible collaboration, or want to connect with our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!