Through collaboration with housing corporation DUWO, TU Delft can offer its international staff & guests help in finding initial accommodation when coming to the Netherlands.

DUWO offers short-stay accommodation to the following target groups:

PhD candidates                             - 4 months to 1 year

Other (guests/employees)             - 2 weeks to 1 year

Those intending to stay in the Netherlands for more than twelve months will need to find more permanent accommodation themselves while in short-stay.

Please note: TU Delft charges a non-refundable housing fee of €228,00 for this service.


All accomodations are furnished and supplied with bed linen. All accommodations have washing facilities.

There are three types of accommodation:

  • Private rooms with shared facilities; private rooms that share bathroom, kitchen and other common areas with 1 or more others (same gender)
  • Singles’ accommodations: small or large studios with a private bathroom and kitchen
  • Couples’ accommodations: studios or 1-bedroom apartments with a private bathroom and kitchen

All accommodation is situated within four kilometers of the University.

Please note: DUWO does not allow children nor pets in these accommodations

How to apply

The application process consists of several steps.

  • Contact the secretary of the department you will be working for, to have a housing application form submitted at TU Delfts’ Central International Office on your behalf..
  • In addition you must pay a non-refundable housing fee of € 228,- to TU Delfts’ Central International Office to have your application considered.
  • After receipt of both housing application and housing fee, the Central International Office will register your details in the reservation system of housing corporation DUWO.
  • Upon which you will receive an e-mail containing a link to activate your DUWO account. Once you have activated your DUWO account you will be able to see the accommodations available and make a reservation
  •  After you have reserved an accommodation you will find the first invoice in your DUWO account. This first invoice will consist of the rent for the first and last two months of your rental period and a DUWO contract fee of € 100.-
  • To finalize your rental contract, you will need to:

    • Upload a copy of your passport or ID
    • Upload a statement of income* (not applicable to PhD’s)

    • Pay the first invoice
    • Sign the rental contract online

* What qualifies as a statement of income:

·         If you are a paid employee at TU Delft you can provide a copy of your employment letter.- If you are a non-paid employee  you’ll need a statement that you won’t be earning an income in the Netherlands. The secretary of the department you’ll be working for can request such a statement at the HR-Services department for you. 

Payment details TU Delft housing fee:

BIC code (former SWIFT code): ABN ANL2A
IBAN code: NL87ABNA0539856568

Gustav Mahlerlaan 10

Account holder*
Account number:
TU Delft, SSC F&C
Admissions Office TU
CSA/MS. S. van den Hoeven        
Postbus 5024
The Netherlands

Please specify your payment with:
Date of birth (dd-mm-yy), surname and first name(s)

And mail a copy of the payment order to
internationaloffice@tudelft.nl as soon as possible. 

Rental period

  • Rental periods start on the 1st or 16th of a month and end on the 15th or last day of a month.

    • For PhD students: min. duration of stay is 4 months and max. duration  of stay is 12 months; PhD's have the option to move on to unfurnished long stay accommodation after staying in short stay accommodation.
    • For guests: min. duration of stay is 2 weeks and max. duration  of stay is 12 months

  • Maximum rental period for short stay accommodation is 12 months! Those intending to stay in the Netherlands for more than twelve months will need to find more permanent accommodation themselves while in short-stay.
More information

For more information about the various accommodations,and rental terms and conditions, visit the DUWO website: 

For PhD’s: this DUWO website

For all other employees: this DUWO website

Upon arrival

Keys can be collected as of the first day of the rental period after 1 pm.

Collect your keys at the DUWO Office during office hours.

Monday 8.30 – 17.00 and Tuesday - Friday 12.00-17.00

Those arriving before the start of their rental period, outside office hours or during the weekend, will need to make their own arrangements