Extension of a staff appointment

Step 1 for extension

Step 1 for extension of your Residence Permit is to make sure that the current contract or 'Declaration of hospitality' with your research group is extended. For this you should contact the secretary of your research group first. They should send the details of the new contract via Digiforms to HR-Services. If your current status as knowledge worker (kennismigrant) needs to be changed into guest researcher (wetenschappelijk onderzoeker), the 'purpose of stay' of your Residence permit needs to be changed. There is a special procedure for this. Send an email to info-hr@tudelft.nl to inquire about the details.

Step 2 Required Documents

Furthermore, we need to receive the following documents from you:

  •        Colour copy/scan of your passport pages with your personal details
           and your signature. 
  •        Colour copy/scan of your current Residence permit.
  •        BSN 
  •        Antecedent certificate (you can download the document here)
  •        Copy/scan of a proof of income (only applicable if you are a guest employee).

Please e-mail these documents at least one month before your Residence permit expires to inof-hr@tudelft.nl and mention Extension residence permit/ in the subject line.

You will also need a valid Health and Liability Insurance.

Step 3 Appointment with CIO-HR

With your documents we will prepare the necessary application form for you. After that you will be invited to visit the Central International Office to pay the necessary fees.

Currently (January 2018) the fees for extension are:

  •        For knowledge workers (kennismigranten): €401.
  •        For guest researchers: €321       
           (wetenschappelijk onderzoekers according to EU-rule 2005/71/EG)
  •        For Turkish nationals: €51 (because of a special treaty).

Note that you can only pay with pin (no cash or credit card), so bring your bankcard.

Step 4 Approval of extension

As mentioned above the approval by the IND may take 3 months or more. After receiving your new Residence permit please send a copy to inof-hr@tudelft.nl.

Extending the residence permit for Family members
If you need to extend the residence permit of your family please note the following information:

  • You are responsible for the extension of your family members, because they have a Residence Permit related to yours. 
  • The IND will send the application for their extension to your home address, if you haven’t received these you can download them from the IND website.
  • If you need assistance with filling in the application, please contact the CIO, we will guide you through the paperwork.
  • You need to send the application to IND yourself and will also have to pay the fee. 

(You will receive an invoice at your home address) .