Procedures prior to arrival

Before you arrive in the Netherlands, you will have to arrange many things, including a visa, employment permit, insurance and housing. To help you learn about what you will need to do prior to your arrival, we recommend the decision tree.

Employment process

1. Recruitment & Negotiations

Your project leader discusses your project and the basic employment terms with you.

2. Start up new employment process

Your project leader asks the secretary to start the basic application process for your employment.

3. Fill out & send in DIGI-forms with attachments

The secretary will now contact you for the required personal details and documents and pass these on to the Central International Office.

4. Immigration Procedure & Services

Arrival & Appointments

Immigration procedures


Depending upon your nationality and the duration of your intended stay, you may need a visa to enter the Netherlands.
There are two types of visa:

Legalisation of Documents  

You will be required to produce official documents (e.g. birth certificate or marriage certificate) to support your application for your visa/residence permit. In some cases, these documents must first be translated, and the translation must be 'legalised' by means of a stamp or 'apostille'. In some cases, the embassy or consulate may also require the documents to be verified.

Employment Permit  

An employment permit is a document that TU Delft must obtain in order to employ staff of certain nationalities. Note that 'employment' is subject to a very broad definition: internships and PhD practical studies are also regarded as employment, even if they involve no salary.
You may also be required to have an employment permit even if you do not have an official appointment or contract of employment. The only consideration is whether you are performing activities for (or on behalf of) someone else.
The employment-permit requirement is intended to protect the Dutch labour market. It will therefore not be issued if there is already someone in the Netherlands who could perform the work in question and is available to do so. This is assessed by the (UWV), from whom TU Delft must obtain the employment permit.


This section contains information about the most important taxation arrangements for international staff, along with more general information about the Dutch tax system. 


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