When is an employment permit required?

In the first instance, the requirement for an Employment Permit will depend on the nationality of the intended employee.

An Employment Permit will generally be required for staff holding the nationality of any of the countries on List I, List II, List III or List IV. Besides nationality, the purpose of the work or of the stay in the Netherlands will determine the requirement for an Employment Permit.

An Employment Permit is not required for the following categories:

  • Knowledge migrants
  • International researchers or staff in receipt of an international grant provided by:
    • the European Union
    • the Dutch government
    • a Dutch research organisation or institute of higher education
    • an institute devoted to international research and/or education which is subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Education.
  • International staff conducting research further to a bilateral or multilateral agreement to which the Netherlands is a party.
  • International staff conducting work further to any European Union 'action programme', e.g. the Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci programmes.

An Employment Permit will usually have to be obtained for academic and research staff who do not fall into any of the above categories. Click here for the quick menu.