Short stay visa

The 'short-stay visa'  (Visum Kort Verblijf) is also known as the 'C Visa' or 'Schengen Visa'. It authorises the holder to remain in the Netherlands for a period not exceeding 90 days. All travellers holding one of the nationalities on this list (“landengroep IV”) must obtain a short-stay visa prior to travelling to the Netherlands.

The visa is a sticker that is affixed to your passport. It may be limited to a single visit, or it may allow you to pass the immigration checks on multiple visits. The short-stay visa entitles the holder to travel anywhere within the Schengen Zone during the stated period.

Who must apply for the short-stay visa?
If you require a short-stay visa, you must apply for it on your own.

Where to apply
You can apply for a short-stay visa at any Dutch embassy or consulate, which will provide the necessary application forms.

What supporting documents do I need?

Your nearest Dutch embassy or consulate will be able to tell you what further information and supporting documents you will be asked to provide. Check this overview to find your local embassy or consulate.

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