A novel material is developed consisting of 3D-printed flexible material combined with Fields metal (a metal with extreme low melting point). By adding memory metal wires the material is able to morph in a controlled manner, thus making a new type of products possible which can morph into different geometrical shapes. In the project extensive experiments were specified and conducted, thus iterating to an applicable technology. The technology was then used in creativity sessions to generate new directions for product development. A working demonstrator was built which shows ground breaking potential.

Graduation Project

Liselotte Stolk
Kaspar Jansen (Chair)
Bram de Smit (Mentor)

In her project Liselotte perfectly combined scientific methods and academic approach with the skills of a an IO product designer. In her report and presentation she has shown extraordinary skills in explaining and demonstrating all working principles and clarifying the great potential as well as the remaining problems to be solved. Liselotteā€™s project is a perfect example of what IDE engineers can do and add to the world.