Designing Design

Design is a complex discipline.

It demands systematic approaches to guide and support designers and stakeholders at a time of great change. Delft researchers develop models, methods, tools and techniques to guide designers in creating products and services.

Over recent decades, there has been a shift from designing physical products to designing experiences. There has been a move from designing services to creating parts of larger systems. And a further shift from mass production to more personalised, agile manufacturing. These developments demand more flexibility and a different way of specifying the product, which might undergo further development post-delivery. Big data and AI bring further opportunities, together with new ethical concerns.

Designers need ways to deal with this rapidly evolving landscape. The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) in Delft is unique in its focus on methods. We improve the understanding of design, increase design skills and propagate advanced design practices. Our audience is made up not only of academic peers, but also design practitioners and students at the Delft University of Technology and worldwide.

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