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Dr. ir. Keller, A.I.

Teacher. Expertise: Presentation & Communication, Collaboration & Interaction, Creativity, People & Users, Education

Dr. ir. Kersten, W.C.

Researcher Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Design with Diversity, Context Variation by Design

Prof. dr. Keyson, D.

Professor Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Sustainable living, Sustainable work, Social contextual interaction design, Interactive technology design, Smart products, Smart environments

Dr. Kim, E.Y.

Assistant Professor, Product Innovation Management, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Expertise: Future Mobility, User-Centered Design Roadmapping, Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, New Product Development, Management of Technology, Design for Cybersecurity (DfC)

ir. Klein, D.

Circular Product Design.

Prof. dr. ir. Kleinsmann, M.S.

Professor in Design for Digital Transformation. Expertise: Digital Transformation, Strategic Design, Design Methodology, Co-creation, Healthcare, Smart Technologies

Ir. Klitsie, J.B.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Innovation Management, Service Innovation, Organisational design, Valley of Death, Innovation by design, Action research

Dr. ir. Kobus, C.B.A

Researcher Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Innovation management, Design for sustainable and efficient households, Collaboration in innovation

MSc. Konietzko, J.C.

PhD candidate Circular business model design. Expertise: Circular economy, Business model design, Business model experimentation

Dr. ir. Koning, J.I.J.C. de

Assistant Professor Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Service design, Systemic design, Behavioural change for sustainable Innovation, Transition Management, Participatory Design, Co-creation, Designing for Sustainable Food

Kooijman, A.

Academic Support staff Design Engineering

Drs. Koreman, G.J.E.

PhD candidate Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Procurement, Best Value Performance, Organisational procurement Efficiency

Prof. dr. Kortuem, G.

Professor of Internet of Things. Expertise: Internet of Things, Intelligent Systems, Data-Centric Design, Smart Cities

Dr. Kraal, J.J.

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design, Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Research, Health, Wellbeing & Sports

Dr. Kranzbühler, A.-M.

Assistant Professor, Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Customer experience, Customer journey, Emotions in consumer decision making, Meta-analysis

Ir. Kroon, C.P.J.M.

Lecturer Design Engineering. Expertise: Conceptualisation, Strategic thinking, Educational tools, Design from user perspective, Embodiment design

Dr. Ir. Kuijk, J.I. van

Assistant Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: User experience, Usability, User-centered design, Public understanding of design, Transit

MSc. Kuipers, T.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: 3D printing, Fused Deposition Modelling, Lattices, Microstructures, Functionally graded structures, Neural Networks

MSc. Kun, P.

PhD Candidate. Expertise: Interaction design, Designing with data, Creative coding

Ir. Latcham, T.R.

Researcher Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Co-Design, Co-Research, Participatory Design

Ir. Li, J.

PhD candidate Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: Crowd behavior, Crowd Psychology, Wireless sensing technology & application, Pervasive technology, User-centered design

MA, Li, M.

PhD candidate Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: User Investigation, Human-machine interaction design, Usability evaluation

MSc. Li, Y.

PhD candidate Computer Aided Design Engineering. Expertise: Information acquisition, Processing for cyber-physical system applications, Information and signals processing in communication systems

MSc. Liu, Q.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: Product sound design & perception, Sound perception

Liu, Z.

Advanced Manufacturing.

Prof. dr. Lloyd, P.A.

Professor. Expertise: Design Process, Design Thinking, Design Methods, Design Studies, Design Ethics, Design Discourse, Design Communication, Reflective Practice

Dr. Lomas, J. D.

Assistant Professor

MSc. Loth, M.

PhD candidate Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Sanitation, Hygiene, Toilets, Train toilets, Observational research, Mock-up testing

Dr. Magnier, L.B.M.

Assistant Professor Consumer Research. Expertise: Consumer behaviour, Marketing, Sustainability, Packaging

MSc. Meijer, S.A.

PhD candidate Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Resilience of the built environment, Social sustainability of the built environment

Dr. Ir. Melles, M.

Associate Professor Applied Ergonomics & Design Coordinator Master specialisation Medisign. Expertise: Medisign, Design for healthcare, Design for experience, Patient and staff experience

Prof. Middelkoop, C. van

Professor of Visual Communication Design. Expertise: Design Education, Visual Communication Design, Communication Design

Ir. Minnoye, A.L.M.

Course Coordinator IO2022 – Product & Beweging Design Engineering. Expertise: Embodiment Design, Agile Manufacturing

Dr. ir. Molenbroek, J.F.M.

Associate Professor Applied Ergonomics. Expertise: Anthropometrics, Inclusive design, Ergonomics, Human factors, Product safety, 3D scanning, Digital Human Modeling (DHM), Usability

Dr. Ir. Mooij, S.C.

Assistant Professor Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Marketing, Marketing Communications, Strategic Product Innovation

Prof. dr. ir. Mugge, R.

Professor of Design for Sustainable Consumer Behavior. Expertise: Sustainability, Product perception, Product appearance, Product attachment, Product-service systems

Dr. Mulder, I.J.

Associate Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: Transformative design, Social design, Design methodology, Design for change, Design for transition

Ir. Mulder, S.S.

Lecturer. Product Innovation Management, Management & Organisation

Prof. ir. Nas, D.N.

Professor of Strategic design for technology-based innovation. Expertise: Strategic innovation, Fuzzy front end, Innovation tools

Nelissen, J.H.

Circular Product Design.

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