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Dr. ir. Silvester, S.

Associate Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: Sustainable Mobility, Electric Mobility, Design Inclusive Research, Research by Design, Design for Sustainability, System Innovations, Product Service Systems

Dr. ir. Simonse, L.W.L.

Assistant professor Front End Innovation Product Innovation Management (PIM). Expertise: Design Roadmapping, Mixed methods research, Organization design

Ir. Sinderen, M. van

Post-doctoral researcher Emerging Materials. Expertise: Design & Entrepeneurship, Logical Thinking, Visual Thinking, Prototyping

MA, Singh, A.

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Design Anthropology, Energy Studies, Ethnographic Research, Design for Energy Sharing and Exchange

Dr. ir. Sleeswijk Visser, F.

Assistant Professor Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Journey mapping, Empathic design, User involvement in innovation processes, Stakeholder involvement in innovation processes, Developing education for service design perspective

Ing. Slingerland, M.

Lecturer, Design Engineering

Ir. Smit, I.R.

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Digital strategy, Internet of Things, Smart cities, Interaction design

Ir. Smit, M.G. (Mitra)

Online Communications Consultant. Expertise: Functional Design, Communication, Social Media, Online Communication, Content Management, Storytelling, TYPO3

Dr. ir. Smulders, F.E.H.M.

Associate Professor Product Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship. Expertise: Socio-interactive processes, Product Innovation, Trans-disciplinary collaborative design, Front End of Discontinuous Innovation, Bio-inspired Industrial Design and Engineering, Organizational interface transitions in Open Innovation

Ir. Smulders, M.

Lecturer and PhD candidate, Design Engineering. Expertises: Human Factors & Ergonomics, Sleeping in transit, Comfort, Seat design, Aviation

Prof. dr. Snelders, H.M.J.J.

Professor of Organising Product and Service Development. Expertise: Healthcare, Eco-system collaboration in care industries, Design expertise for service development, Designing human relations in service settings, Service prototyping

Dr. Song, Y. (Wolf)

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: 3D printed electronics, 3D scanning, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Dr. ir. Sonneveld, M.H.

Assistant Professor

Prof. dr. Stappers, P.J.

Professor of Design Techniques. Expertise: Design techniques, Tools and techniques for the early phases of design, Early concept prototyping, Contextmapping

MSc. Sumter, D.X.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Circular Product Design

Tan, A.H.L.

Manager Product Evaluation Laboratory (PEL) / Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Education, Consumer panel, Consumer research, Qualitative research, Quantitative research

Ir. Tassoul, M.

Lecturer Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creativity, Creative Facilitation, Design Thinking, Design Methods, Group Dynamics, Design Coaching, Strategic Product Planning, Fuzzy Front End

Dr. ir. Tempelman, E.

Associate Professor Design Engineering. Expertise: Materials, manufacturing and more, Structures, Manufacturing methods, Lightweight design, Manufacturing and design, Smart materials, Design for recycling

MSc. Tepjit, S.

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Logistics, Supply chain management, Systems thinking, System dynamics models, Large-scale logistics infrastructure planning, Mobility, Next generation cyber-physical systems

Ir. Thomassen, E.W.

Lecturer Design Engineering. Expertise: Integrated product design and engineering, Design vision, Functional analysis, Mechanics, Technical creativity in concept development, Sustainability, Communication with suppliers and clients

Dipl. -Des. Thoring, K.C.

PhD candidate (external) - Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Creative Space in Design Education, Technology-supported Design Ethnography, Design methods, Research Methods, Management of Design Knowledge, Design Thinking

Dr. ir. Tromp, N.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: Design for Behaviour Change, Social Design, Design Methodology, Vision in Product design approach

MSc. Tunn, V.S.C.

PhD candidate Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow. Expertise: Circular economy, Sustainable business models, Sustainable Consumption, Consumer behaviour

MSc. Valencia Cardona, A.

PhD candidate Marketing Consumer Research. Expertise: Consumer research, Product Service Systems (PSS)

Dr. ir. Vegt, N.J.H.

PhD candidate Human Information and Communication Design. Expertise: Game design research, Social interaction

Dr. ir. Vegte, W.F. van der

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Cyber-physical systems, Simulation, Machine learning, Data analytics, Data mining, Function modelling

MSc. Veitch, D.E.

PhD candidate Medisign. Expertise: Anthropometrics, Body scanning, Bra performance testing, Apparel pattern making, Mannequin making, Breast anthropometry

Dr. ir. Velden, N.M. van der

Post-doctoral researcher Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Sustainable textiles and clothing, Fashion design for sustainability, (Social) life cycle assessment ((S)LCA) of textile products, Product service systems for textiles, Circular textiles

Dr. ir. Verlinden, J.C.

Assistant Professor Computer Aided Design Engineering Industrial Design Engineering

Dr. ir. Vermeeren, A.P.O.S.

Associate Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Experience design, Museum experiences, Design for relevance, Interaction design, Design research, Sustained dialogic engagement

ing. Verwaal, M.

Technical support in the Applied Labs Department Design Engineering

Prof. dr. Vink, P.

Professor of Environmental Ergonomics, Head of Design Engineering Department. Expertise: Effects on comfort, Well-being, Performance, Productivity, Health, Physical and Organizational human-environment interaction

Dr. Visch, V.T.

Associate professor Design Aesthetics. Expertise: Persuasive game design, eHealth, Storytelling

MSc. Visser, M.C.

PhD candidate (external) Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Process improvement, Product Quality improvement, Cost reduction, Customer Value

Prof. dr. Vorst, R.R.R. van der

Professor of Strategic Design for Brand Development. Expertise: Breakthrough design innovation, Brand development

Prof. ir. Voûte, M.A.

Dean of the faculty Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Teamwork, Multidisciplinary designing, Social structures

MSc. Waart, P. van

PhD candidate Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Methods for eliciting human values, Meaningful interactive media and technology

Wang, C.

Advanced Manufacturing.

Ir. Wang, G.

PhD candidate Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Design for Dementia, Design for Aging, Design for Experience, User-centered Design, Universal Design, Design for Emotion

Dr. Wang, W.

Post-doctoral researcher Advanced Manufacturing. Expertise: Geometry Processing, Computer Graphics, Computational Fabrication

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