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Prof. ir. Nas, D.N.

Professor of Strategic design for technology-based innovation. Expertise: Strategic innovation, Fuzzy front end, Innovation tools

Nelissen, J.H.

Circular Product Design.

Nicenboim, I.

Post-doctoral researcher Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: Complex socio-technical systems, Connected everyday life

Em. Prof. Ninaber van Eyben, B.

Professor Design Aesthetics

ir. Noordhoek, E.J.L.

Post-doctoral researcher Emerging Materials. Expertise: Large 3D printing, Prototyping, Form giving & crafts, Manufacturing 4.0

Prof. ir. Oberdorf, J.E.

Professor Product Architecture Design. Expertise: Product design consultancy, Innovation in building, Product architecture design

Dr. mr. Onencan, A.M.

Post-doctoral Researcher, Design Engineering, Design for Sustainability

MSc. Onselen, L. van

PhD candidate Product Innovation Management. Expertise: Personal values, Collaboration, Innovation and design research, Professional development

Dr. Ozcan Vieira, E.

Associate Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Critical alarms, Information design, Healthcare, Design for wellbeing, Sound-driven design & research

MSc. Pannunzio, V.

PhD candidate Industrial Design. Expertise: Design for Healthcare, Data-driven design methods

Dr. ir. Pasman, G.

Lecturer, Industrial Design, Design Conceptualization and Communication. Expertise: Interaction Design, Design Fiction, Film and Video in Design, User Research

Dr. ir. Paus-Buzink, S.N., Eur.Erg.

Lecturer Industrial Design. Expertise: Human factors engineering, Medisign, Design for healthcare, Medical device development, Usability, Ergonomics Pauw, I.C. de

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Sustainable product development, Cradle to Cradle, Biomimicry, Ecodesign, Circular Product Design

MSc. Pavlic, V.

Post-doctoral researcher Emerging Materials. Expertise: Persuasive presentation, Startup presentation, Innovation presentation

Dr. Petreca, B.B.

Post-doctoral researcher Cyber-Physical Systems. Expertise: Material experience, Textiles, Multisensory exploration and expression of materials

Prof. dr. ir. Poelman, W.A.

Researcher Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Technology Diffusion in Product Design Pohlmeyer, A.E.

Assistant professor Industrial design. Expertise: Design for happiness, User experience, User-centered design, Human-technology interaction, Intuitive use of user interfaces, User involvement in early product development, Ageing

Prof. dr. Pont, S.C.

Professor Human Information Communication Design. Expertise: Lighting Design, Ecological optics, Experimental psychology, Perceptual intelligence

Ir. Poppelaars, F.A.

PhD candidate, Design Engineering, Design for Sustainability: Design for circular economy, Access-based consumption, Collection, Design for behavioural change

PhD. Porsius, J.T.

Post-doctoral researcher Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Health psychology, Patient-reported outcome measures, Psychosomatic medicine, Risk perception and communication, Environmental health

MSc. Pozo Arcos, B.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Circular economy, Circular product design, Repair practices, Fault diagnosis

Dr. Price, R.A.

Assistant professor Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Expertise: Design strategy, Innovation, Socio-technical systems, Transitions, Mobility

Dr. Psyllidis, A.

Assistant Professor of Location Intelligence, Department Sustainable Design Engineering. Expertise: Location Intelligence, Urban Analytics, Spatial Data Science, Geographic Information Retrieval, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Planning

Dr. arch. Puerari, E.

PhD candidate Design Engineering, Design for Sustainability. Expertise: Urban Planning, Governance Models, Transition Management, Urban Sustainability Transition, Urban Public Service Innovation, Community Participation in Planning

Prof. dr. Ridder, H. de

Professor of Information Ergonomics. Expertise: Visual perception, Decision making, Research methodology, Human factors, Information ergonomics

Dr. ir. Romero Herrera, N.A.

Assistant professor (Tenure Track) Design Contextualization and Communication. Expertise: Design for self-management, Data practices, eHealth, Sustainability

MSc Rotte, T.A.

Researcher, Design Engineering. Expertise: Seating Comfort, Ergonomics

Dr. ing. Rozendaal, M.C.

Assistant professor Human Information and Communication Design. Expertise: Interaction design, Interaction aesthetics, User experience, Product service systems, Design innovation for healthcare

Ir. Ruiter, A.C.

Teacher, Industrial Design, Applied Ergonomics and Design. Expertise: Design Aesthetics, Digital fabrication, Design for Healthcare, Creativity, Mobility & Transport

Ir. Ruiter, I.A.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering -AED. Expertise: Ergonomics, Anthropometrics, Digital Human Modeling (DHM)

Dr. Rusák, Z.

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Cyber-physical systems, Simulation, Machine learning, Virtual reality, Programming, Adoptive systems

Prof. mr. dr. ir. Santema, S.C.

Professor of Business to Business Marketing. Expertise: Marketing and Supply management, Customer and/or supplier integrated design, Lean in supply chain cooperation, Information exchange in cooperation, Aviation, Experiences of passengers, crew and luggage, Entrepreneurship

MSc. Sauerwein, M.

PhD candidate Additive Manufacturing for Design in a Circular Economy. Expertise: Circular economy, Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, Product design, Materials

MSc. Scharff, R.B.N.

Design Engineering. Expertise: Soft Robotics, Optical Shape Sensing, Digital Manufacturing, 3D-Printing, Bio Inspired Design

Dr. ir. Schifferstein, H.N.J.

Associate Professor (Design Aesthetics) Industrial Design Engineering. Expertise: Taste perception, Food design, Multisensory perception and integration, Smell perception, Product experience, Research methodology

Prof. dr. Schoormans, J.P.L.

Professor of Consumer Research and Behavior. Expertise: New product Development (NPD), Consumer behavior, Consumer research

Ir. Schuffelers, R.J.G.

Lecturer, Industrial Design. Expertise: Design for social impact, Educational design, Creativity, Teamwork

MSc. She, W.

PhD candidate Design Engineering. Expertise: Design for loss, Loss emotions, Loss coping, Creative industries design, Branding, Marketing

Dr. ir. Silvester, S.

Associate Professor Industrial Design. Expertise: Sustainable Mobility, Electric Mobility, Design Inclusive Research, Research by Design, Design for Sustainability, System Innovations, Product Service Systems

Dr. ir. Simonse, L.W.L.

Assistant professor Front End Innovation Product Innovation Management (PIM). Expertise: Design Roadmapping, Mixed methods research, Organization design

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