Interactive audio creatures


The Populley is designed to stimulate physical and social activity for oncology patients between 6 and 12 years old. During the course Advanced Embodiment Design a group of students was asked to embody this concept, focussing on safety, production and maintenance.  

Goals of the project

The goal was to make the Populley safe for intended and unintended use keeping production for a small batch size in mind. Maintenance is made easier by putting all technology in the creatures. But besides technical aspects the group also wanted to increase social and psychical activity by making the Populley more attractive for all senses. They developed different personalities for the creatures which look, sound and feel different. Some creatures are heavy to pull, which trains the muscles and helps oncology patients rehabilitate in a fun way. Other creatures can be pulled faster, which creates social interaction like teasing a younger brother or sister. The variety in the design made the Populley more interesting for all ages.