In collaboration with Oceanz, a 3D printing service located in the Netherlands students and staff are able to create high quality 3d prints for affordable prices. Students and staff will get a 40% discount on the Oceanz print service if parts are ordered via the CDAM email. This enables students and staff to make use of expanded 3D printing techniques and postprocessing techniques to build high fidelity prototypes.

Parts are deliverd straight to your home, delivery time ~ 1 week. 
The discount only works when ordered through the CDAM research lab, email your parts and questions to: cdam-ide@tudelft.nl

To see the possibilities and capabilities of the service see the resources below. 

Process Material Finish Quality
SLS Plastic Painting ISO 9001
SLM Metal Polishing ISO 13485
Colorjet Rubber like  Protective Coating  

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The pricing of the 3d print is based on part size and process. The following figures can be used to get an indication of part price. More detailed pricing and the pricing of other materials/processes can be giving upon request.