Advanced Prototyping Minor Results Q2 2020

Nieuws - 28 januari 2021 - CDAM

The students of the advanced prototyping minor have been busy prototyping the past quarter and delivered amazing results. During the second part of the minor students worked in groups to create and prototype new digital fabrication techniques and emerging materials. The students created movies showcasing their process and their results. 

The Advanced Prototyping Minor is a program that brings together the most recent digital fabrication techniques and emerging materials, to create functional high-fidelity prototypes. The course aims at equipping students with a wide range of advanced prototyping skills like digitalization, design automation and digital fabrication and in depth knowledge of using emerging materials to create prototypes, which capture both function and appearance of the intended design.

Compilation video AP Minor Q2 - 2020

Digital Delft Blue

PSFE Novel Sustainable 3D Printing Material

UNSEAM seamlessly shaping textiles

A Robot's Touch

3D printing a Senseo machine