Thing Tank

Thing Tank is an internationally funded research platform for investigating how things can reinvent themselves.

Thing Tank uses a combination of field studies, object instrumentation and machine learning to listen to what material artefacts have to tell about their shared use, reuse and deviant repurpose, and it harvests these data to inspire idea generation, fabrication, rapid prototyping and business development generation.

Outreach / Activity


    • “Designing through Objects”, Skoltech, Moscow, August 2014
    • “Designing through Data”, Skoltech, Moscow, October 2014
    • “Predictive Materialities”, Design United, IDE, Delft (coming in 2016)
    • Dell Intel 2015 (Elisa)


    • TEDx 2015 (Elisa)
    • Dell Intel 2015 (Elisa)


    • Superflux design fictio
    • Simone Rebaudengo design fiction


    • MIT Skoltech Ideas Lab Program (2014-2019)

    Affiliates / Collaborators

    • Chris Speed, Neil Ruben
    • Collaborators(current): Nazli Cila, Melissa Caldwell
    • Collaborators(past): Alexander Chernyshev, Fionn Tynan-O’Mahony