Creating awareness on Natural Fibre Composites in the Domain of Product Design

The layer chair is a unique and innovative product that shows the wide range of possibilities of NFC materials.

Goals of the project

The design of the Layer Chair was part of my graduation project: Creating awareness on Natural Fibre Composites (NFC) in the domain of product design. The main aim of the design was to inspire and inform designers about NFC. The chair is fabricated of Cocolok, a NFC material of Coir (the husk of a Coconut) and Natural latex, supplied by Enkev. A new production method for this material has been used, to enable production in small series, without expensive moulds.

The rough sides of the chair refer to nature. They show how the different layers all influence the final form of the chair, and although started with the same mould, each chair will be unique. The Layer chair unveils that different material properties can be obtained with the same material, and enables users to experience these properties in one design.


Graduate student

  • Jorrit Taekema