An intelligent denim jacket

In cooperation with fashion designer Pauline van Dongen we developed a jacket that cares for you. The jacket is touch sensitive and occasionally gives feedback to let you know that it cares about you.

Denim is something we all love to wear, worn by young and old, throughout the world. Denim’s graceful aging allows us to build valuable relations with it. Like a friendship, it becomes more personal and intimate with the passing of time.

This jacket embraces denim’s characteristics to tell an unique dialogue with its wearer. Based on the wearers behavior this jacket responses to intimate touches to become a mediator of revived experiences in daily life. Through a bodily sensation this jacket encourages the wearer to be present in an increasing accelerating world in which our mind is often focussed on future events.

When we practice our skills to be more present, we may shape a more open attitude towards the things that face us and encourage our ability to act upon the moment we are in. It is the quality of the present that allows the emergence of spontaneous experiences because it is that point where reality alone can be discovered. Let denim, our dearest friend, share its enthusiasm for the beauty of moments we often take for granted while life play its course.

Graduate Student

  • Isabel Berentzen (Graduated November 9th, 2016)