3D Anthropometric data of children’s heads and faces will be gathered by means of 3D imaging. From a designers point of view we will retrieve the variation (form and sizes) of a children’s head and face by analysing the 3D data. The 3D anthropometric data and results of the research will serve as input for the development of a new ventilation mask for children. The integration of the use of this 3D data in the design process will be studied and applied.

Goals of the project

The objective of this study is two-fold:

  • Develop an anthropometric database of children’s heads and faces for design purposes. Traditional measurement methods are combined with 3D surface imaging.
  • Use the database to map the anthropometric variance of children’s heads and faces. The results of this study will provide information regarding facial dimensions and morphology of children in order to design a proper ventilation mask for children aged 0 to 6.

The study will provide preliminary data for the development of a methodology for using 3D data in sizing and designing products whereby fit is important.


  • Dr. Linda Corel (Paediatric Doctor)
  • Trudi Taat (Nurse Practicioner)
  • ErasmusMC Sophia Childrens Hospital Rotterdam
  • Prof. Brigitte Fauroux (Paediatric Pulmonary Dept.)
  • Hospital Amand Trousseau, Paris