Design for perception

We design physical products and conceptual visualisations that improve or meaningfully alter visual perception. We’ll present three on-going projects: i) The Art Viewer ii) Touch Visualizer iii) Colour Transfer Photography.

Goals of the project

The Art Viewer is an educational device that let’s you see normal paintings in illusory 3D. By a careful arrangement of mirrors, the two eyes receive exactly the same image. The absence of binocular stereo information will render the real world flat, but the pictorial world paradoxically appears to have more depth.

With the Touch Visualizer we try to find ways to photographically communicate tactile qualities for online shopping. We cannot (yet) touch what we see on the internet, but have a good idea of what visual aspects will be important to communicate some of the tactile qualities.

With Colour Transfer Photography we try to do what Instagram does, but then with paintings as filters. Perceptually correct colour transfer appears vital for convincing and fun photo effects.

Maarten Wijntjes