Perceptual light-material-space-shape interactions

We will present projects in which we i) design tools for lighting designers to visualize, guesstimate and tune the structure of light in a space, and ii) design lighting for reliefs (artworks) of Jan Schoonhoven to experience that lighting has enormous impact on their appearance. 

Goals of the project

We investigate how we can design light(ing) to bring out qualities of spaces, shapes and materials, and how to design probe objects to test and tune lighting designs. Qualitative (perception-based) lighting design needs understanding of optical space-shape-materials-light interactions and its visual effects on appearance, functioning, behaviour and health. A prerequisite is that lighting design and research will be based on the spatial light structure in and appearance of a space instead of on output light levels. Moreover, current developments in lighting technology also ask for such a novel approach, because they will result in systems with which we can vary our luminous environment, as opposed to the lighting level provided by a lamp. Thus we need methods and tools to describe, guesstimate and tune the light in a space, connecting optics, lighting technology and design. We design such tools through research and develop such methods through design.