Unlocking people

How can we unlock the power of people themselves by changing our behaviour? A lot of the problems that we do have are because we do the things we do the way we do them. When we find ways to do so we can take better care of ourselves and of others.

In this research platform we integrate knowledge about people (e.g. human centred design, interaction design, positive design, persuasive design and social design), business (business model innovation, collaborative design, consumer behaviour) and technology (rapid prototyping, social media, internet connectivity, service infrastructures) to facilitate participation, interaction and implementation.

On this research platform, we generate insights by:

  • studying the underlying mechanisms and transformative powers of individuals, communities and networks;
  • prototyping and simulation to provoke new behaviour and interactive processes;
  • developing ways in which collaborating individuals can produce improvements.

For more information on the background of the research platform:

Unlocking people

Finding ways to improve usability and acceptability of new technology: turn emerging technologies into widely accepted and used technologies.