Vision and organisation

IDE wants to continue to position itself as a leading educational and design research institute. To achieve this we need to be constantly active at the forefront that leads design research in contributing to design practice and the training of future designers.


At IDE we believe that by creating insights in people, their lives and in society, and developing foresights on how technology can improve our future, we enable designers to be inspirational yet realistic leaders that can move the needle towards a better future. 

Building our competencies

We work on the convergence of people, technology and business. We continue to build knowledge in these 3 areas. At the same time we expand our practice of doing design and the methodologies that support us in this practice. Together we regard this as building our competencies. Consequently, we collaborate across the competencies by generating insights and foresights that create valuable new ways to approach challenges that our society will face in the coming decades.

These competencies enable us to collaborate throughout the faculty by generating:


  1. Insights (measuring, understanding and influencing behaviour and attitude change, both of individuals as well as groups and (business) organisations); and
  2. Foresights (interaction between people and technology to connect meaningfully in daily life, or to make something meaningful for everyday use by adding value to emerging technologies).

Collaborate and apply

By applying the derived knowledge from our set of competences and our collaboration along the lines of insights and foresights we are able to contribute to societal challenges. We will initially focus on health (autonomous ageing, patient safety, early recovery and revalidation) and sustainability (circular economy, energy efficiency).

People in our faculty have clear drivers that make the energy flow. We have a strong human centred, social orientation full of service-mindedness. At the same time we love our knowledge base, analytical approaches and sense for reality. When we combine this with our creative and imaginative side we are naturally positioned to be inspiring and responsible at the forefront of societal development.

At IDE we want to Design for our future.