Prof. dr. ir. Geraedts, J.M.P.

Professor of New Mechatronic Design
Department Design Engineering, section Mechatronics Design


Born in 1952, spent his youth in Thorn, located in the south of the Netherlands. Married, three children (a girl and two boys).
After 14 years of scientific education and research, Prof. Jo Geraedts joined Océ-van der Grinten N.V., Venlo in 1983. He started in the Group Research department and did research on electrophotographic image processes, print quality and human-machine interaction.

In 1989 he joined the Product Development department and was responsible for the quality and reliability of the imaging process and user interface of the first Océ Multifunctional Device for the Office: the Océ 3165. In 1995 he became senior scientist.

In 1996 Prof. Jo Geraedts went back to Group Research as manager and was responsible for a healthy and sound research program to develop technology and application options for adaptability of Océ to the changing world of printing. In this period he started the first research projects for mechatronic solutions.

In 2000 he was invited to become manager of the Océ Industrial Design department in Venlo. Step by step Prof. Jo Geraedts became on corporate level responsible for the strategy and day to day management of product-, graphic- and user interaction design of hardware and software products. The challenge for Océ is designing products and systems that are very productive and reliable in a complex document management workflow. Therefore ease of use and ergonomics are decisive product qualities. Furthermore Océ Design  has won many design awards in the Netherlands, Germany (iF), USA (IDSA), Japan (Good Design) and China (iF).

In 2008 his departmentwas reorganized to Océ Design and currently works together with Océ R&D departments worldwide.
From 2004-2008 Prof. Jo Geraedts was the representative of Océ R&D in the Océ Corporate Sustainability Forum. This Forum advice the Board of Executive Directors on all sustainability issues, including organization, policies, procedures and reporting systems. He was involved in defining the five focal points that will structure the company’s approach to sustainability. 


  • 1976
    M.A., Physics, Technical University of Eindhoven
    Laser development, optics, gas dynamics
    Thesis: “De twee golflengten laser schlieren methode toegepast op een thermische grenslaag in een Argon plasma”
  • 1983
    Ph.D., Physics, Radboud University of Nijmegen
    Infrared laser development, intermolecular physics, spectroscopy of clusters
    Dissertation: “Infrared Excitation of clusters”


  • New (mechatronic and software) product design and technology/product road mapping.
  • System/product development within multidisciplinary (international) teams.
  • Ecodesign, Sustainability and Cradle to Cradle thinking for new product development.
  • System/product validation and specification/reliability testing.
  • User centered design of complex products with different stakeholders. 

Specialisation / field of research

To build better products we can now use adaptive control in real time to compensate for user behaviour, variations in the environment or in the system itself. In general, the controller can simultaneously learn about the process while controlling its behaviour, stability and good response. The range of controlling is from (global) systems of distributed (wireless) sensor networks to real-time sensor-actuator implementations in physical products. The goal is to make the system robust to a point where the performance of the complete system is as insensitive as possible to user interactions and to changes in the environment. The goal will be research at advanced industrial design engineering.

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Bachelors programme: Mechatronics
  • Graduation projects of smart products
  • Sustainability and C2C thinking

Secondary employment:

Manager Océ Design
Océ-Technologies B.V.
P.O. Box 101
NL 5900 MA Venlo

Involved in the research project(s):

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.” - Albert Einstein


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