MSc. Di Cicco, F.


Francesca holds a bachelor degree in Industrial chemistry from the university La Sapienza in Rome. She obtained the master degree in Nanomaterials, chemistry and physics at Utrecht University. She worked as an intern at the company DSM in Delft, in the Food Specialties department, where she developed a novel, non-toxic substrate to mimic the tongue in tribological (friction) measurements of dairy products. 

She is currently a PhD candidate at TU Delft, as part of the Perceptual Intelligence lab. She works on the NICAS project "Recipes and realities" in collaboration with Utrecht University, the Rijksmuseum and the Mauritshuis. Painters had an implicit knowledge of the visual cues that trigger perception of certain material properties, so the goal of her project is to unravel those cues and explain how 17th century Dutch painters were able to achieve convincing rendering of all sorts of materials. She aims to understand the visual shortcuts that resonate with the human perception of different materials and their properties, via psychophysical experiments, image analysis, paintings analysis and reproduction and with the aid of a 17th century book of painting recipes, "The big world painted small" by Willem Beurs. 


    • 2016 – present
      PhD candidate "An analysis of texture rendering in still-life paintings", Delft University of Technology
    • 2014-2016
      MSc Nanomaterials, Chemistry and Physics, Utrecht University
    • 2010-2014
      BSc Industrial Chemistry, Università La Sapienza, Rome


    • 2016
      Internship DSM Biotechnology Centre, Delft. Tribology of yogurt for mouthfeel determination and sensory data correlation
    • 2014-2016
      MSc research project. Synthesis and STM/AFM study of organometallic complex.
    • 2013-2014
      BSc research project. Synthesis and analysis of solid dispersions to improve oral bioavailability of poor water-soluble drugs

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

    • Coach - Research and Design (IO1080-13)
    • Teaching assistant - Visual Communication Design (ID4230)

Involved in the research project(s):