MSc. Dideriksen, S. T.

Sofie-Amalie Torp Dideriksen is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering belonging to the AI Futures lab. Sofie is exploring how to design AI interactions in the context of physical, digital and remote work of the future. The research is approaching AI from a more-than-human perspective with the goal of designing physical and digital objects highlighting the values of justice and respect.

Academic Background

Sofie finished her MSc. in Design for Interaction at the Industrial Design Engineering faculty at TU Delft, where she graduated in collaboration with AMS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) on the topic of smart doorbells, merging her passion for a feministic approach to technology and research-through-design, resulting in a speculative design exhibition.

Involved in the research project(s):

Sofie-Amalie Torp Dideriksen

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