Ir. Geer, S.G. van de


Stefan studied Industriële Vormgeving in Delft and graduated in 1988 for Philips Telecommunication and Information Systems PTIS, in the field of semantics, use and aesthetics. Just after his study he was asked to design a credit card holder for a Dutch company, and was later recruited. Make technical drawings, discuss with mould designer, discuss with material suppliers, go to injection company (Polen) behind the Iron Curtain, guide the firstproduction, bringing the moulds to Holland and start production was ideal to bring theory (study) into practise. This product "card-fan®" created a job at the company and very soon it was clear that almost all courses could be integrated in a real-life job in the field of marketing/communication/designing. A range of products are designed such as first-aid box holder, holder for dental instruments, pneumatic transport unit, dust-free blasting unit, magnet lab stirrer, car conditioner unit (inside), photo bingo for disabled, complete refurbishment of a apartment, stamps for KNRM (Koninklijke Nederlandse Reddings Maatschappij). Also Stefan developed himself as marketing/communication manager, responsible for advertisements, press releases, web site design, leaflets, exhibitions (design and manager) in f.e. Munich and Paris. Besides this Stefan founded his own company (ESGE), not only to cover periods of periods of hampering income but also to deal with challenges and possibilities. While dealing with many marketing/communication issues in his work for SME's Stefan also continued to work for IDE. It all started with one day/week and since 2008 full time. A short list of his activities at IDE: coordinator of Design courses, pioneer in creating transparency in assessment, developed a team evaluation tool, successfully joined recalibration Master IPD, chair of POVC, initiated teaching the teachers, Audio feedback, joined several groups aiming for quality improvement and was acquisition manager for contracting company's to join our education. Stefan also was asked to set-up and execute a honours program for IDE.  After executing some research he succeeded and was member of the Advisory Board HPD for the university, now he is member of the European Honors Council. His latest achievement is setting up a semester long Master Variant for Engineers. Besides teaching in Bachelor and Master Education Stefan is mentor and chair in graduation projects. His broad interest and multiple competences is highly appreciated amongst students and colleagues. Author of: 2011: IDE Sirius Talent Development Project Phase 1, 1998 Manual Product Design 2, 1999: Manual Product Design 4, 2003: Design guide including "traps and tricks", 2013: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, 

Stefan is married has two daughters, plays piano, likes to repair, build and design things but loves to teach.


  • 2014
    UTQ: certificate Assessment and certificate Group work
  • 2013
    Leergang Onderwijskundig Leiderschap (training Educational Leadership) (duration one year)
  • 1978 — 1988
    Master of science Industrial Design Engineering
  • 1967 — 1968 
    Jordan junior high school, Palo Alto, California, USA


  • 2008 – present
    Full-time teacher at IDE (40hrs/week)
  • 1999 – 2007
    Part-time teacher at IDE 0.6 fte
  • 1999 – 2007
    Marketing/communication manager/designer at NPK (Nippon Pneumatic Kyoto) 0.4 fte
  • 1995  1998
    Owner of ESGE one-man design business
  • 1995  1998
    Part-time teacher at IDE 0.4 fte
  • 1995  1998
    Designer and Marketing manager for Van Elewout BV pneumatic equipment 0.4 fte
  • 1990  1994
    Manager and designer for Acodeq International hydraulic/pneumatic equipment 0.8 fte
  • 1988  1994
    Part-time teacher at IDE 0.2 fte
  • 1988  1990
    Designer for Acodeq Kunststoffen Industry 0.8 fte

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

Product Design, Form theory, Production and material, Methodology

Bachelor (now and in the past)

  • PD1
  • Form and experience
  • PD2
  • PD4 (coordinator)
  • Manufacturing and Design (former IP)
  • Internships

Master (now and in the past)

  • Master Variant for Engineers
  • Exploring Interactions
  • Advance Embodiment Design
  • Design Manifestation
  • Joint Master Program
  • Minor Sport Innovation
  • Minor Technology Based Entrepreneurship
  • Graduation Projects for IPD and DFI