Dr. Ghodrat, S.

Assistant Professor
Department Design Engineering
Section Emerging Materials

Her main research interests are Smart Materials and Shape Morphing Design in emerging materials group at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Academic Background

Prior to joining IDE in October 2018, Sepideh Ghodrat has studied for her PhD and worked as a Postdoc in the Materials Science and Engineering department of the 3mE Faculty at Delft University of Technology. Her previous research included a wide range of topics: material properties, fracture and failure analysis, characterization techniques such as advanced mechanical testing including fatigue and thermo-mechanical fatigue. In addition to mechanical characterization, she also acquired ample experience with microscopic observation techniques (e.g. electron microscopy) in order to obtain a better understanding of the performance of materials under various loading conditions.


  • Feb 2009 – Feb 2013
    PhD Materials Science and Engineering, Delft University of Technology
    Project Title: Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue of Compacted Graphite Iron in Diesel Engine Components


  • October 2018 – present
    Assistant professor, Emerging Materials, Design Engineering, TU Delft
  • April 2018 – October 2018
    npk design bv
  • March 2013 – March 2018
    Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Delft University of Technology and Ghent University (UGent), Belgium

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Smart Materials: Shape Memory Alloys
  • Materials Testing Properties and Characterization Techniques
  • Material Driven Design (MDD) 
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Designing Shape Morphing Objects

Designing a locomotive device driven by a shape memory alloy composite: a mimicry of the caterpillar movement.

Graduate student:  Naomi Atmopawiro, graduated August 30th, 2019.

The aim of the thesis was two-fold: to design and develop a soft body mechanism inspired by the movement of a caterpillar, using a Shape Memory Alloy-based (SMAs) composite, and to design material concepts based on the qualities of the composite.