Dr. Laurey, N.

Natalja Laurey is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, main research interests are focused on understanding the emergence and value of creative work in business, with a specific attention for design and the consulting industry.

Academic Background

Natalja has a background in social sciences and her research focuses on the emergence and value of creative work in business, with a specific interest in the (changing) work and occupation of designers. As an organizational ethnographer, she uses embedded research and organizational theory to reveal the deeper meanings and cultural complexities within organizational settings.

She obtained her PhD entitled ‘Design meets Business’ at the School of Business & Economics, VU University Amsterdam. In her PhD research, she did various ethnographic studies. Among others, she did a 17+ months study at a renowned design studio that was acquired by a large management consultancy to better understand how the work and identity of designers is changing as they are involved in more strategic work. In her research, she aims to contribute to new understandings of design and its value in organizational settings.

Before doing her PhD, Natalja graduated in Anthropology (BSc.) and Social Research (MSc.), with a specific focus on Organizational Anthropology. During her doctoral research in 2017, she received a Yoaung Talent Award from the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, which supported her to be a visiting researcher at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Her work was presented and awarded at various management and organization conferences. Besides her academic work, Natalja has been doing consulting work for design-based consultancies. Also, she has been developing various knowledge-sharing communities around the topics like ‘digital innovation’ and ‘the future of strategy’ in order to support collaboration between industry and science.

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