Dr. ir. Molenbroek, J.F.M.

Associate Professor 
Applied Ergonomics


  • 1978-1994
    Scientific Staf Industrial Design Engineering TUDelft
  • 1994
    Associate Professor Applied Ergonomics TUDelft
  • 2003
    President Dutch Ergonomics Society www.humanfactors.nl
  • 2006
    Visiting Professor at University of Bath Faculty Mechanical Engineering
  • Other
    Organisator of the ICPA conference in Delft
    Member of WEAR (strives at a world portal for body measurements)
    Member of HFES
    Member of KIVI


  • 1969-1974
    Polytechnical School Enschede Production Techniques
  • 1973-1978
    University of Twente Mechanical Engineering 


  • Author of Design Tool DINED on www.dined.nl
  • GENIE project
    Coordinator EU –project GENIE  (Gerontechnology Educational Network in Europe)
    Together with colleague Marijke Dekker
    project date: from 1998 -2002
  • FRR project
    Coördinator EU-project FRR (Friendly Rest Room)
    Together with colleague Renate de Bruin
    project date: from 2001-2005
  • ANEC project climbing children 2004  www.anec.org

Specialisation / field of research

Inclusive design, Anthropometry, Product safety, special populations like eldery, students, children and handicapped.

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Anthropometry, product safety, special populations like eldery, students, children, disabled,
  • Inclusive design (design for all)


  • ID1020   Mens en Product
  • ID.....     Ergonomie voor Zijinstromers
  • ID 3015  Ergonomics in Design
  • ID.....     Onderzoeksleer
  • ID 5383  Inclusive Design
  • ID 4121  Applied Ergonomics
  • Graduation projects
  • ID.....     Literatuurscriptie