Dr. Ozdemir, M.

Mehmet Özdemir is a Postdoc researcher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. His main research interests are materials and design for digital fabrication, computational design, product personalization, and design methods & tools.

He currently works on multi-material FDM 3D printing, exploring novel structures and material combinations to enable new design opportunities. His research focuses on exploiting the manufacturing process as a design tool to go beyond the traditional design process and to push the boundaries of multi-material FDM printing.

Academic Background

Mehmet Özdemir holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. He also holds a PhD in Product Development from the University of Antwerp as a part of a double degree. His doctoral research focused on devising a design methodology for the mass personalization of consumer products in the context of digital fabrication. In that period, he participated in several research projects and industry collaborations related to Design for Additive Manufacturing, 3D scanning, and product personalization.