Dr. ir. Sleeswijk Visser, F.

Assistant Professor 
Design Conceptualization and Communication


During my study at Industrial Design I often missed the human side in designing products. In my Phd project 'Bringing the everyday life of people into design' (2004-2009) I had the chance to dive into the world of user-centred design in industry. Since 2009, I am a part-time assistant professor at TU Delft and my research addresses the different roles of users and other stakeholders in co-design processes. Since 2006, I also run the design research company Contextqueen.


  • 1996 Photography Lorenzo de Medici, Florence
  • 2003 Master Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft
  • 2009 PhD, TU Delft ‘Bringing the everyday life of people into design’


Since 2006 I run my own design research company: Contextqueen

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Service Design by Industrial Designers

Froukje Sleeswijk Visser
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Published in 2013

Froukje Sleeswijk Visser

"Bringing the everyday life of people into design."


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