Ir. Zeumeren, I.M. van

Ilse van Zeumeren is a researcher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Ilse is involved in the Mediator project in which she focusses on research and design of the HMI of autonomous driving.

Academic Background

In April 2020, Ilse was awarded her Master in Design for Interaction from TU Delft. During her Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering, Ilse had become acquainted with mobility related design through the Automotive Minor. Subsequently, she decided to focus on this field of design, with subsequent projects on user-centered mobility. She participated in the Renault Design Awards in 2017, did an internship at the R&D Future Mobility department of Daimler and graduated in the field of interaction amongst passengers of autonomous vehicles. In her view, the challenge of designing in the field of mobility lies in designing for the future; how trends & developments will relate to user preferences. In this matter, design can be adapted to user preferences or it can be used to provoke and stimulate changes in behaviour.


  • 2017 ─ 2020
    MSc Design for Interaction, Delft University of Technology
  • 2012 ─ 2017
    BSc Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology


  • 2019 ─ 2020
    Graduate Intern at Advier Mobiliseert
    (Thesis: Tools for stimulating interaction amongst passengers of autonomous vehicles)
  • 2019
    Intern Future Mobility (R&D) at Daimler AG 
  • 2017
    Participant and part of winning duo of the Renault Design Award 2017

Involved in the research project(s):

Ilse van Zeumeren

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