Advanced Concept Design

In the course Advanced Concept Design a mixed group of Dutch and international students from the Master Integrated Product Design (IPD) will take up a broad challenge defined by the client, by performing design research and translating their findings into promising concept designs. These challenges can be, among other things, identified user demands, market opportunities, problems in current operations all most often combined with the wish to use front-end technology. The assignments allow for open manifestation (the appearance is to be defined by the students) and the desired impact (on users, stakeholders and society) can be open or determined. Furthermore, contribution to the UN Sustainable Development (Goals 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 17), as defined by the World Design Organization is preferred.

The client company formulates a suitable assignment, in consultation with the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The project starts after the objective has been set, and finishes with a specified concept design. These concept designs can be a product or a (product-service-)system.

In the first part of the assignment, the students jointly (in groups of approximately five students) carry out design-oriented research into the context of the assignment,  cultural aspects, social trends, ergonomics, usage and (emerging) technologies. The students will use the research results to define a personal design vision to meet the future user, stakeholder and societal needs, and the possibilities and significance of the concept for the assignment. The challenge in the second part of the assignment is individual. Here, the focus is  on developing an innovative concept design on the basis of the student's personal vision towards the client’s future product portfolio.

The main language of the course is English. Each student will spend about 400 hours on the assignment for the client company. The student is coached by an all-round design coach and various experts (including research experts) from the disciplines of ergonomics, design & culture, visualization and technology. 


  • Three teams of approximately five students per company work on the same assignment, but each team with a different focus (such as a different target group)
  • All of the students work 25 hours a week for the first 10 weeks (Quarter 1) and 34 hours a week for the second 10 weeks (Quarter 2) weeks on the project
  • The university allocates a design coach for each project to supervise the project

What you can expect

  • The intended end result of the assignment is an inspirational concept, which has added value in the areas of meaning, functionality, usability, interaction, and/or technology.
  • The project is concluded with a report and a presentation in the form of a video, in which the end result is explained]
  • You will see how relevant insights into target groups, technology and trends of the new design generation are translated into a wealth of new, inventive ideas and inspirational possibilities for new developments for your company. A fresh approach will take you beyond your comfort zone and will also inspire your own people. You will offer students the possibility to gain insight into your company's deliberations
  • At the end of the course, you will have the right to select five results for commercial exploitation (IP). The selection takes place within three months after the end of the course.

What we expect from you (being the client)

  • The project has four fixed meetings: an introduction presentation of the project (preferably at the hosting company), a group & personal vision presentation, a presentation of the created concept proposals and a final presentation (at TU Delft). It is expected a designated company representative is present during all four meetings. Your availability between meetings for possible questions would be appreciated.
  • Through concise presentations and reporting of the students, the group & personal vision presentation and the presentation of the concept proposals last approximately a whole day and the final presentation half a day. The time and effort needed for preparation comprises the formulation of the assignment, planning and organizing the students’ company visit and supporting the planned group researches.

Are you interested?

Advanced Concept Design starts each year, once a year, in September. The final presentations will be held in January. The possibility to participate can be considered in consultation and the following conditions apply:

  • The assignment is consistent with the objectives of the course Advanced Concept Design
  • The availability of a company representative at meetings and for the duration of the assignment for giving feedback and setting conditions
  • The willingness to contribute €7,500 as compensation for the task force of supervisors and approximately fifteen students (three groups of approximately five students) for each assignment

Contact Information

We would be pleased to provide you with more information on the possibilities to participate in this challenging project. For more information, please contact the course coordinator, or the acquisitions officer Marijke Idema ( For contract related questions please check the information here.

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