Service Design

IDE Design Master Class for Professionals

Creating new services based on user and provider insights

Services are increasingly part of design solutions, both in industry and in society. At the same time, design is becoming more multidisciplinary and the design approach is being applied to a wide range of problems.


The Master Class Service Design in 2022 focuses on a number of topics that make service design different from other types of designing (such as product design, interaction design, etc.). First, we look at tools that help us pay attention to the user experience of services over time, and in relation with service providers. Second, we consider how service design addresses a need among clients to enhance their capability to co-create services with a broad range of stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

During this master class you will:

  • gain insights into current developments in the design field and understand what Service Design comprises;
  • learn research and prototyping techniques (like journey mapping and acting out) to design new service propositions while focusing on the experiences of users and providers;
  • explore new service ideas by creating stakeholder maps and early business models.


  • Overview of latest trends in the design discipline and how service design is understood by different disciplines
  • Practical assigments with techniques such as journey mapping, service prototyping, and value flow (business) modelling.
  • Process steps towards developing a service concept and getting stakeholders on board
  • As case topics we will work both on commercial services (e.g. automotive services), and non-profit or mixed services (e.g. healthcare services)
  • Many case examples from industry and government services


Fernando Secomandi

Fernando Secomandi is assistant professor of service design for emerging technologies and deputy editor of the journal Design Studies. His research and education focusses on service design and the role of technology in mediating human experiences. He has also consulted part-time for global companies on design-driven innovation projects, especially in the area of digital transformation.

Guest speakers

Emma Schalkers

Emma Schalkers is a part-time teacher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and a Service Design Consultant at Koos Service Design. Emma works with many different companies to improve their services from a human-centered perspective.

As a teacher, she aims to bring her knowledge from the field into the classroom and grow the Service Design skills of students.

Bart Bluemink

Bart Bluemink is a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. He shares his insights, skills and experiences with students, teaching how to apply design theories in daily design practice.

As a researcher, he focuses on servitization strategies in the tech-driven B2B manufacturing industry. He is particularly interested in how manufacturers of capital goods can design product-service ecosystems to create value for end-users.


Practical Information

How to prepare?
As preparation for this IDE Master Class, we will send you some literature and open questions one week before the IDE Master Class takes place.

All materials provided are included in the course fee.
Handouts of all lectures will be provided with space for personal notes.

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