ViP | Vision in Design

IDE Design Master Class for Professionals

Envisioning and designing the effect your product will have on people

Design solutions are ‘just’ a means to an end. Designers should, first and foremost, design the raison d’être of their final intervention. For this, they need to build a personal vision based on their view of a future world.


This Master Class trains professional designers and other innovation professionals in the design method ‘Vision in Design’ (ViP). ViP is a method that forces you to design the idea underlying your design in great detail, before coming to a manifestation: What exactly is it that you want people to understand, experience or do? In a series of short lectures and exercises, participants learn about the main features and design principles of the ViP process. In this way, participants experience the power of building a personal and fine-grained vision on their design work.

Learning Objectives

After this MasterClass you will:

  • understand the creative potential of the design method ViP;
  • know how to build a perspective on a future world;
  • understand the power of reframing;
  • be able to execute the ViP method in any given situation;
  • look at design and innovation differently.


  • The Vision in Product design (ViP) method;
  • Theories of aesthetics, semantics, and human-product interaction as they pertain to ‘designing for effect’;
  • Framework for product design, service design, design-driven innovation and design for behavioural change.



9:00Welcome and coffee
- Who's who
- Overview programme
- Objectives
- Expectations
10:00General overview ViP method
- Foundations
- The ViP method
- Succesful cases
- Exercises
- Formation of groups
- Domain setting
- Start generating context factors
at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
13:30Generation of context factors (Continued)
14:30ViP in practice: Guest lecture 1
A real life case in which ViP was applied, with an emphasis on mapping the context
15:30Structuring the context
16:30Defining and presenting statements
Each group presents her final statement (design goal) for the next day
17:30End of the first day
9:30Introduction lecture
Interaction & product qualities
10:15Group work
Defining interaction & product vision
11:30ViP in practice - Guest lecture 2
A real life case in which ViP was applied, with an emphasis on defining and realising the intended effect
at the Porceleyne Fles
13:30Finalizing the concepts in groups
15:30Presentation final concepts
16:30Closure and drinks

Checking outcomes with experiences

Practical Information

All participants receive a copy of Hekkert and Van Dijk’s book ‘Vision in design: a guidebook for innovators (2011, BIS publishers).

How to prepare?
Preparation for this master class includes preparing a personal introduction, bringing a domain to the class and reading one/two papers. Instructions will be send about one week before the workshop. The preparation will take approximately four hours.

The preparation material will be sent as a PDF by email. Participants will receive the ViP book at the beginning of the course. All materials provided are included in the course fee.

After the course
Two months after the course, a pre-set consultation time slot will be offered to all participants to share experiences and ask questions to the IDE Master Class. The format and the timing will be discussed with the participants during the IDE Master Class.