IDE Master Classes

In 2013, we launched the first series of IDE Master Classes. This successful first series was followed by 5 equally inspiring series. All the Master Classes in each series have been well attended and evaluated extremely positively. In total, about 300 different participants from more than 180 companies have attended the five series.

We are happy and proud to introduce our first IDE Master Class for 2019 "Design for the Circular Economy" taking place January 30th and 31st. We are working on bringing you the full program for the new year as soon as possible.

Why participate in IDE Master Classes?

The IDE Master Classes programme has been developed to support the professional development of design practitioners. In groups of 10 to 16 participants, you gain insights into recent developments in the discipline, learning about the latest methods and tools currently being taught to new generations of designers. For many design practitioners, this is an extremely effective way to refine your skills, focus your ambition, or simply broaden your mind and be inspired!

Each Master Class combines theory with interactive assignments and group cases: you directly apply what you learn. This is a great way of meeting the experts and working with other experienced designers, expanding your network, and creating new opportunities. Learn from the experts as well as from each other.

Online IDE Master Classes

A new series of professional ONLINE masterclasses is now available to a much wider audience. This novel Master Class series is an advanced introduction for professionals involved in design, innovation and marketing who need to know how qualitative user research can support and improve their business, product and/or service design. These online masterclasses follow on from the successful on-campus IDE Masterclass series that has been running at TU Delft for the past three years.

Online portfolio

The online professional courses are hosted by the online learning platform of TU Delft. There are five courses in our online professional education portfolio:

Follow the links to find out how to apply and when enrolment is open.