IDEMC2: Lean Innovation

Develop the right product faster and cheaper

The concept of Validated Learning was launched by Eric Ries in his book ‘The Lean Startup’. The book has become is a sort of bible for a lot of start-ups and corporate ventures, and the concept of Validated Learning has become the foundation for many successes. Now it’s time for innovators to massively pick up this valuable method.

18 and 25 April 2018
Group size
10-16 participants
Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft
2 April 2018

‘Build, Measure, Learn’ is the mantra of this iterative process, in which hypotheses and experiments play the main roles. The goal is to quickly learn what the product should be like to best appeal to users.


This Masterclass combines theory and practice in lectures and workshops. We dive into the concept of Validated Learning, the tools that come with it, the framework that it supports, and the organization around it. Attendees are invited to bring their own cases.

Learning Objectives

During this master class you will:

  • learn (more) about the concept of Validated Learning;
  • be able to recognise Validated Learning opportunities in your own innovation process;
  • be able to write hypotheses, translate these into experiments, and deduct learning from them in The Lean Cycle;
  • learn how to connect Validated Learning to your existing innovation process.


  • Five stages of growth;
  • The Lean Cycle;
  • Organising Lean Innovation.



Please note: this two-day Master Class is spread over two weeks.

9:45Introduction: Lean Innovation
11:15The concept of Validated Learning & guest lecture
at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering
14:00Workshop: creating hypotheses and experiments
16:00Bring your own innovation and make a plan
9:30Recap, Findings and learnings
11:15How to create Learnings form Experiments & guest lecture
at the Porceleyne Fles
14:00Lecture and Workshop: How to integrate Lean innovation in your current process?
16:00Debate: how to implement insights into business practice
17:00Closing and Drinks

Practical Information

All participants receive a copy of the “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries or ‘Running Lean’ by Ash Mauria. All materials provided are included in the course fee.

How to prepare?
Bring your own innovation idea or case (best when just conceived).

After the course
Two months after the course, a pre-set consultation timeslot will be offered to all participants to share experiences and ask questions to the IDE Master Class. The format and the timing will be discussed with the participants during the IDE Master Class.