Master projects

Curious to see what kind of projects the students of Industrial Design Engineering are working on? This is the place to be! 

On this page you can find a selection of Master (graduation) projects executed by our IDE students. The projects are executed by students from all three master programs (Integrated Product Design, Strategic Product Design and Design for Interaction) as well as multidisciplinary project teams. IDE students work on projects with countless different themes and contexts, with even more varying results. 

Are you an IDE student yourself? We would love to showcase your project as well! Please read on to find out how to submit your project to this page.


Designer: Nithin Guram, MSc

"I designed Foxpat to create a reusable training simulator developed to train surgeons for Oxford Partial Knee Replacement surgery - a realistic simulation of a knee, integrated with sensors."

IPD | Health | Discover more

Helping Large Organisations to Overcome Disruptions with a Capability Orchestration Framework

Designer: Kate Smith, MSc

"This paradox of dynamic stability drives research into understanding relationships and effects caused by disruptions."

SPD | Mobility | Discover this project

Beauty Ideals

Designer: Joy van Gogh, MSc

"The Tulip reflects how beautification affects our relationships."

DFI | Mental Health | Discover more

Future mobihubs as social connector for the neighbourhood

Designer: Jelmer Koedood, MSc

"This project revolves around redesigning the future mobihub for the context of the Netherlands."

DFI | Mobility | Discover more

Service roadmapping of Smart Care solutions

Designer: Lotte Bernards, MSc

"A service roadmap can be seen as a future timeline for the service model and its supporting elements."

SPD | Health | Discover more

The Bumpy Road Podcast

Designer: Nina Schouten, MSc

"The Bumpy Road supports adolescents to learn to understand their feelings by recognizing them in others."

IPD | Health | Discover more


Onboarding opportunities for digital transformation

Designer: Aniek Toet, MSc

"Blink helps participants to reframe their mindset by discovering the drivers of initiatives to define where the “real” value lies."

SPD | Mobility | Discover more


Roadmap towards passenger-oriented public transport tariff system

Designer: Eva Taylor Parkins, MSc

"With this public transport tariff system, passengers are confident about and in control of their spendings on public transport."

SPD | Mobility | Graduation | Discover more

Barriers and triggers in the process of purchasing a Fairphone

Designer: Johan van den Heuvel

"The Friends of Fairphone program requires low investment costs, totally aligns with Fairphone’s mission and has much potential of attracting a new group of consumers."

SPD | Sustainability | Internship | Discover more

The design of An Demand Responsive Transport service for non digital travellers

Designer: Max Sampimon

"This design allows people to make a reservation with two simple interactions and consulting actual departure times at one glance, with the option of changing the booking at the last moment."

DFI | Moblity | Internship | Discover more

Reduction of harmful noise pollution during hip replacement surgery

Designer: Kees Broekmeulen, MSc

"This project presents and proposes a new surgical instrument which reduces the noise level with more than 15 decibels."

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SusA - an interactive artwork that stimulates sustainable behaviour

Designer: Emma van Wensen, MSc

"SusA is designed to make the user more conscious about their sustainable behaviour, and provide positive feedback by creating an artwork on the wall."

DFI | Sustainability | Graduation | Discover more


Infrared non-intrusive inspection system of sterilized instrument trays

Designers: K. Broekmeulen, S. Flygar, R. Wang, T. Perenboom

"The service system, a new turnover model of Persona® surgical instruments, helps to reduce the turnover time significantly."

IPD | Health | Team project | Discover more


Designer: Frederik Ueberschär

"In my research, I discovered that there is a need to experience what climate change is doing to the earth, without immediately imposing a political agenda."

DFI | Sustainability | Team project | Discover more

Creating a vehicle decision model for nuisance-free parcel delivery for PostNL

Designer: Michiel van Wulfften Palthe

"I designed a digitised and automated, future-proof model of choice theory, which helps PostNL decide what LEVV should drive on what street to reduce nuisance."

SPD | Mobility | Graduation | Discover more

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