Training simulator for Cementless Oxford Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

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Nithin Gurram


FOXPAT is a resusable traniing simulator developed to train the surgeons for Oxford Partial Knee Replacement surgery. it is a reliable simulation of a regular patient's knee, integrated with sensors to feedback on the effectiveness of the surgicval procedure. 

The assignment

Cementless Oxford Partial Knee Replacement (PKR) was one of the most successful products of Zimmer Biomet over the past 10 years. The company offers a unique training course for surgeons specifically interested in the Oxford Partial Knee. The objective of this project is todevelop a training tool that alows surgeons to more realistic experience while providing a learning platform for implanting the Cementless PKR ahead of surgery.

Final Design

Most training simulators offer a digital simulation. Unlike laparoscopic and arthroscopic procedures, arthroplasty does not have physical training simulators. This project presents FOXPAT; a reusable training simulator for knee arthroplasty surgery. The integrated sensors track the usage of tools providing feedback to the surgeons on their performance. It offers a realistic experience for novice) surgeons, to practice the whole procedure with actual instruments. Moreover FOXPAT offers long-term reusability. By just replacing a set of low-cost polyurethane bones after every practice session, Foxpat will be ready for a next practice session. As the product is used for training the novice surgeons, these sessions take place either in a conference hall or in a hospital. The project resulted in a high grade and qualitative prototype ready for production.

  • Michael Malon (Company mentor)
  • Sander Spruijt (Oxford Knee Group, Haga Ziekenhuis)