Submit your IDE masters' project for publication

Hi there!

Are you an IDE student / project group, and do you have a project to showcase to the design community as well as prospective students? Submit your project to us, and we’ll find a great spot for it on our webpage. 

How to submit your project? 

To submit your project send an email to, with the subject: Student project webpage [your name] [your project]. 

To create a web page for your project, we need the following: 

  • The title of your project
  • An introductory text of about 300-400 words
  • External links (such as the TU Delft repository, publications about the project, your own portfolio page)
  • At least one HD landscape image (2000 px)
  • Additional visuals (photos, illustrations, videos, animations)

Please make sure to send all materials as one package, using a WeTransfer link. You don't have to compress the files yourself; WeTransfer takes care of this for you automatically. 

Thank you!

Best wishes, 

The IDE communications team.

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