IPD Programme

Master Variant for Engineers

The Master starts with an intensive semester-long homologation programme in industrial design. After this homologation semester you will take the 2 regular semesters with the main courses in the IPD programme, followed by the graduation project in the last semester. The programme takes two years and does not have a ‘free elective’-semester. Upon completion you will receive an MSc diploma in Integrated Product Design.

The first semester

In the homologation semester you will get acquainted with the product development process and will learn to develop ideas and concepts into mass produced products. You will learn to design for people and gain insight in the role of business strategies in relation to product/service innovation. You will develop product design skills and get familiar with tools and methods used at the faculty of IDE.

The first semester offers two design courses which each consist of 2 design projects. These design projects have different focus areas: project 1 focuses on the context of the user, project 2 starts from a business perspective, project 3 focuses on form and experience and project 4 addresses all that has been learned so far. In the courses Domain Specific Theory 1 and 2, theoretical subjects needed for the Design Project are offered. Additional courses are Elementary Ergonomics and Design Drawing.

Semester 1*
Design-1 ID6010 (7 EC)Design-2 ID6020 (9 EC)
Project 1: 
User Context
Project 2: 
Business Context
Project 3:
Form & Experience
Project 4:
General Context
Domain Specific Theory 1 ID6030 (6 EC)
Domain Specific Theory 2 ID6040 (3 EC)
Elementary Ergonomics IO1028zi (2 EC)Design Drawing IO1016zi (3 EC)
*small changes may occur in the programme
Semester 2
IDE Academy ID4070 →
(1 of 4 EC)(1 of 4 EC)
Manage your Master ID4060 (1EC)Strategic & Sustainable Design ID4185 (3 EC)
Modelling ID4135-16 (3 EC)
(11 of 21 EC)
Advanced Embodiment Design ID4175

(10 of 21 EC)
Semester 3
← IDE Academy ID4070
(1 of 4 EC)(1 of 4 EC)
Manage your Master ID4060 (1EC)Design Theory and Methodology ID4010 (3 EC)
MPI: Leading Entrepreneurial Design ID4180 (3 EC)
(11 of 21 EC)
Advanced Concept Design ID4170 

(10 of 21 EC)
Semester 4

Graduation Project

(15 of 30 EC)

(15 of 30 EC)
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