International opportunities

All of the MSc programmes at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) are internationally focused. Thirty percent of our MSc students are from abroad and all of the programmes are taught in English. MSc students are able to gain international experience by taking advantage of the faculty’s collaborations with leading design institutes from around the world. For example, they can go on an exchange at one of IDE’s 60 partner universities. 

Within the curriculum

Within the master’s programmes there are several courses that can be partially completed abroad or in collaboration with an international party. Year two MSc students have the opportunity to gain global experience via the Joint Master Project and the Graduation Project.

For the Joint Master Project (JMP), student teams are allowed to obtain their assignment from a company. Each semester there are base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) projects (see example below). And for the Graduation Project, students must arrange their own assignment, which can take place with an organisation abroad.

Example of a Joint Master Project abroad

This video highlights a 2013 BoP Joint Master Project by students from IDE’s three MSc programmes (DFI, IPD, SPD). For the project they designed an affordable and useful toilet shelter for the Cambodian BoP population.

Furthermore, a self-arranged internship abroad of at least 10 weeks can be carried out as a 15 EC elective course. 

You can also apply for one of TU Delft’s foreign-based (e.g. ATHENS) or summer schools.

Outside the curriculum

ID study association organises international study trips yearly. These range from visiting museums, design schools, and design agencies to doing research and design cases for companies.

There are plenty of ways for you to gain international experience. It just requires initiative and the willingness to get out there and discover what’s possible. For example, keep your eyes open for teachers starting research projects or competitions abroad and who are looking for student participants.