For the Medisign specialization, students must be enrolled in the Master programmes Integrated Product Design (IPD), Strategic Product Design (SPD) or Design for Interaction (DfI).

To specialise in Medisign you are required to:

  • Spend at least 9 ECTS for electives (out of 18) in Medisign electives,
  • Have at least one project, worth 9 ECTS, with an explicit focus on Medisign,
  • Graduate in a project with an explicit focus on Medisign,
  • Recommended; further electives, dependent on master program.

Detailed course objectives for Medisign students include:

  • Knowledge of the structure and processes of the human body,
  • Insight into healthcare and its many products,
  • Ability to do research in the medical field specifically on product development.

 This special education program was initiated in cooperation with the Medical faculty at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam (15 km from Delft). The program consists of four semesters, each offering 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System); students can begin specializing in this program twice a year: Autumn and Spring.